About Us

Community Refill was created by husband and wife team, Gabby and Will Magin. Over the past 4 years the both of us and our passionate team have been manufacturing a large range of natural, organic and primarily plastic-free beauty, personal care and cleaning products for many of Australia’s most reputable and environmentally stringent eco and natural stores as well as larger international retail stores around the world.

With the increasing environmental implications of shipping products globally and the excessive packaging and carbon footprint that goes with this, we contemplated what we could do to contribute to our local community and the precious environment we’re so fortunate to enjoy. We came up with the idea of creating a refill store at the front of the factory where we make our products and so our store, Community Refill was born.

We have a strong passion for the healthy home movement, sustainable living & reducing environmental toxins with a focus on using all natural & organic ingredients for cleaning, personal care and beauty. Chemicals and often harmful synthetic ingredients are an unfortunate by-product of modern life with many companies using them to make products cheaper, so anything we can do to reduce the toxic burden will hopefully have a ripple effect on each person's health.

The vision we set out with for Community Refill was to offer locally made, healthy, non-toxic products and all be refillable from our shop and online (shipped locally) to create a more circular system which doesn’t rely on excessive packaging that is thrown away when the product runs out. Our store has been designed for you to refill your used bottles, jars & containers or shop using our reusable and recyclable glass jars and paper bags. By selling direct we have cut out a lot of the middle man costs which often & sadly drives up the price of good quality natural products making them unaffordable for some of the community and also reduces the “product miles” (how far a product has travelled from manufacturing to get to the consumer), to zero making it a far more sustainable way to shop.

We have a wide variety of products including:
Natural soaps
Cleaning & Laundry Products
Kitchen staples
Bath + body Products
DIY Ingredients - so you can enjoy making your own products at home!

We can’t wait to meet you soon to help you and your family live healthier and more sustainably!
Gabby & Will